Top 21+ Beautiful Heart Touching Poem On Mother In English

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A mother is a female parent who has given birth to and/or raised a child. The role of a mother is one of the most important and fundamental in society, as mothers often play a crucial role in the physical, emotional, and social development of their children. Mothers may also provide care, guidance, and support for their children as they grow and navigate through life. The love and bond between a mother and her child are considered to be one of the strongest and most enduring relationships in the world, and mothers are often celebrated for their tireless efforts and sacrifices in raising their children.


Poem On Mother In English



The pure stream of Mother Ganges,

Mother’s sweet cup of nectar.

Mother’s love has no end,

There is no one else like a mother.


Mother is the power of Durga,

Mother is Kali Kalyani.

Mother is Akshat, Mother is Roli,

Mother is the plate of worship.


Mother is kumkum, mother is sandalwood,

Mother is a flower bed.

Mother is earth, mother is amber,

Mother has heaven.


Mother Sita, Mother Lakshmi,

I have seen Radha in my mother.

Mother is Kashi, mother is Kaaba,

Mother Mathura is lovely.


Mother is the temple, mother is the mosque,

The Gurudwara is in the mother only.

When came in mother’s life,

Mother’s life also smiled.


I am mother’s world dear,

I found everything in my mother.

Mother is as deep as the earth,

As tall as amber.


Could not repay mother’s debt,

I found myself weak.

I will not be able to become bigger than my mother,

I will remain his child.

-Nirmala Mundra


Poem On Mother In English


My mother is the best

She never ever rest,

She works hard day and night,

To make my future very bright.


She teaches new things everyday

And there is always time to play,

She is like a teacher to me

That is why I am not afraid to be me.


One day when I will grow up

I would like to thank her

For never give up.



Poem On Mother In English


Beloved mother from the world,

All the mothers give happiness.

Mother teaches us to walk

Mother showing us the destination.

Mother has the sweetest words,

Mother is priceless in the world.

Mother feeds us

Mother puts you to sleep by singing lullabies.

Beloved mother from the world,

All the mothers give happiness.

-sakshi patravani

Poem On Mother In English

Mother is the sweetest

Sweetest, cutest

from morning till evening,

Fulfills all the responsibilities.

Wake up early every morning,

She gets tired after working.

Wrinkles do not come on the face,

Being happy hides all the sorrows.

drop me to school every day,

She would also bring home on leave.

doing all the household chores,

Gets homework done by herself.

Accompanying as a friend,

Looting love as a sister.

Teaches knowledge by becoming a father,

Maintains every relationship well.

-Nandini Rajput

my dear mother

Small Poem On Mother In Hindi

Mother is the pure stream of the Ganges,

Mother is the shade of the tree in the sun.

Life is the whole world mother,

Mother is the door of heaven at the feet.

The most beautiful mother in this world,

My mother is such a lovely mother.

Mother is more precious than the world,

Mother feeds us food.

Mother sings lullabies to me everyday,

Mother never hesitates.

Mother teaches us to walk

Mother showing us the destination.

-Sunita Sahu


Poem On Maa In Hindi

She is dearest to everyone, she is unique from the world,

Mother is the most precious.

Forget your own desires

Mother gives a lot of happiness.

Teaches you to walk by holding your finger,

Mother puts you to sleep by patting you.

Sorry for all the mistakes

Mother sings lullabies.

If you walk on the wrong path,

Mother shows the destination by holding hands.

sometimes by sleeping in the wet,

Mother puts children to sleep in drought.

Despite suffering a lot,

Mother spoils affection on children.

-Pushpalata Sahu


Poem On Mother In Hindi

mom you are great

The world is for the children.

The identity of the child is from the mother,

Mother’s service is the test.

The one who won the heart of the mother,

He is the most successful person.

Mother teaches to walk and talk,

She used to feed food sitting on her lap.

teaches good and bad,

Used to sing lullabies while sleeping.

getting ready for school,

Makes you capable by being educated.

Don’t forget when you grow up

Bringing happiness throughout life

To fulfill the duty of being a son,

Pay off the debt of mother’s milk.

Mother gave me the treasure of affection,

Make mother proud, show it by becoming like this.

-Manoj Kumar Patanwar

my mother precious relationship

Mother’s Day Poem In Hindi

always takes care of everyone,

My mother never gets tired.

Understands everything without speaking

He knows strange mantras.

whenever i cringe,

My mother makes me laugh

the good things of the world,

My mother teaches me

Everyone calls him illiterate,

Mother could read the mind.

Whenever I am happy or sad,

My mother used to stand with me.

Who made me human out of clay,

She is the bestower of my fortune, my mother.

With whom I have a precious relationship in the world,

That is my mother, my mother, my mother.

-Kanyakumari Patel

mother’s love

Maa Poetry In Hindi

Mother is very sweet

She is the most unique in the world.

Mother’s love is immense,

It doesn’t have any shape.

Mother’s love and compassion are unique,

Like the sheet of mercy.

Gives strength to all of us

Become the nectar of nectar.

Mother is the ocean of love

Mother’s incarnation like amber.

Sacrifice is an idol like nature,

Mother’s love like earth.

You are the incarnation of God

You are the basis of life.

I am grateful to you,

I will praise you

Mother’s lap blossoms of happiness,

Mother’s love is immense.

Crying of joy at mother’s feet,

Everyone’s dream came true only through him.

-Tulsiram Chandrakar


Mother’s Day Poem In Hindi

Mother Mamta’s moonlight,

Mother Sun’s sunshine

Time has come Jwala Mukhi,

It’s time for the tap well.

Mother Meera’s sacrifice,

Maa Bansi’s tone.

Life without mother,

Like desert.

If there is a mother then there is a Mahatma,

If there is a mother then we have become a soul.

The world is empty without mother,

God is not complete without mother.

good wishes,

Mamta Daya Dular

settled in mother’s lap,

The essence of all happiness.

-Lakshmi Tiwari