1000+ Riddles For Kids With Answers In English

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Puzzles play an important part in our life. Because our intellectual ability is developed through puzzles. Here we are sharing the collection of 500+ Funny Hindi Paheliyan for you people. The riddles being presented here are being told in a way with popular and new articles.

Riddles are a type of entertaining task, which we commonly know as Riddles. These puzzles are a great way to test our thinking and strength. The puzzles are of various types, such as finding the answer to four questions, guessing the brainpower of others, and finding clever and funny answers.

Puzzles promote our language, cultural and social consciousness. To solve these we have to use logic and thinking power. It is a psychological process that increases the activity of our brain and improves our mental elements.

Puzzles are usually engaging and fun and allow us to think new and find new and surprising answers. These answers help us uncover the unknown and make us feel happy and satisfied. Puzzles are wonderful and fun for kids to play with, developing their ability to think and solve problems.

Here are funny Hindi riddles based on reasoning power, get them in a jiffy. Read them, understand them, and answer immediately. Let us solve these difficult puzzles here without delay. Share the collection of Hindi Paheliyan with your friends and family as much as possible so that they too can get complete information about this post.

Unique Collection of 500+ Riddles For Kids With Answers

1. Four wells without water,

One queen for 18 sitting thieves.

Came a constable Lal,

Put everyone in the well.

Answer:- Carromboard

2. My name of three letters,

Ram-Ram if it is cut first.

If the second one is cut then the name of the fruit,

Teeja cut work.

Answer:- Comfort

3. One-horned quadruped,

His skin is thick.

Once upon a time,

A shield was made.

Answer:- Rhinoceros

4. remains immersed in syrup,

I attack without doing

I am a sweet from Bengal, I am called.

Answer:- Rasgulla

5. I am a lovely beautiful bird,

Take me right now pal

my green body,

Beak is my red.

Answer:- Parrot

6. I am a bird, I am strange,

I’m not going to fly

Be careful dear kids

Quickly tell my name.

Answer :- Ostrich

7. Money is greater than wealth,

It is above all things.

Whoever finds it becomes a pundit.

Remain a fool without getting it.

Answer :- Vidya

8. Give me a pinch daughter,

Great idea.

What a delicious vegetable

Would have been useless without me.

Answer :- Salt

9. I come after birth,

I go before I die.

rubs in anger,

I chew my food a lot.

Answer:- Teeth

10. Crown on the head, bag around the neck,

My name is Bada Albela.

Answer:- Rooster

11. I find iron,

I lost to wood.

“K” is my last letter,

My name is Nyara.

Answer :- Magnet

12. is black but not a crow,

It is long but not a snake.

The force eats, not the cattle,

Ties but does not string.

Answer :- Peak

13. It is called ‘radium woman’

Received Nobel Prize twice

tell me the name of this woman

So I consider you intelligent.

Answer :- Madame Curie

14. My name of two letters,

I come to eat.

Let me dance by writing upside down,

Then why hide my name?

Answer :- Gram

15. My name of five letters,

Exactly the same.

I live in South India

Tell me how am I?

Answer :- Malayalam

16. Heading to the Pond

The lion saw 6 elephants.

There were two monkeys on the back of each elephant.

And each monkey had a parrot in his hand.

tell me how many animals

were going towards the lake.

Answer :- Only one i.e. lion, because he

Was going towards the lake.

17. Wobble Wobble

walk on the waves of the ocean,

Navy mate true

Name his child.

Answer :- Ship of water

18. Motor, cycle or car,

Everything is useless without me.

round my shape,

Let me cross the street, the road.

Answer :- Tire

19. It’s a head, it’s a tail

But no feet

belly, eye

But there are no ears.

Answer :- Snake

20. Increase the yield of the land

i can walk without my eyes

I can’t be seen in summer

The land is my home.

Answer: Earthworm

21. First cut then become the price,

Increase courage by eating

Cut the middle and make medicine,

Get over the headache.

Answer :- Almond

22. Black color is my pride,

I give knowledge to everyone.

teachers work on me

Become great by telling your name.

Answer :- Black-board

23. The cold wind brings the message,

Then I come to earth.

Very pleasing to the children’s mind,

It suits the farmers too.

Answer:- Rain

24. There are two brothers, one appearance,

There is a lot of compatibility in both.

If one is lost,

Nothing else would have worked.

Answer:- Shoe

25. Tell me two such sisters,

Laughs together, sings together.

dressed in black and white,

But they can never meet.

Answer :- Eyes

26. Quick Gallop

no smoke no noise

slowly reach the destination

Does not compete with anyone.

Answer:- Cycle

27. Sweet whose speech,

Whose color is black.

Kuhu Kuhu make noises,

Looks unique

Answer :- Cuckoo

28. Colorful wings,

Show dance after seeing the clouds.

Krishna dressed in a crown,

Give me a name soon.

Answer :- Peacock

29. No one knows my origin,

Didn’t see my end.

I am a figure of mathematics

Children call me

Answer: Rekha

30. Won the battle with the crow,

Such is the story of

Not proud at all

Do separate milk and water.

Answer :- Swan

31. Look at the magic wand,

Don’t drink or eat anything.

hold your nose,

Spread the light all around.

Answer :- torch

32. The sheet is stretched over which,

Don’t let water fall on us.

Answer:- Umbrella

33. Eat the offering of ancestors,

Speak your words.

keep on crowing,

Black caste.

Answer :- crow

34. Not in the king’s garden,

But it is called political.

Manush said,

Tell your identity.

Answer :- Maina

35. Those who rest during the day,

Take a walk in the night.

give milk to children,

Hanging inverted legs.

Answer :- Bat

36. Come in seven days

bring with me on vacation

be it kids or office people

I make everyone enjoy

Answer :- Sunday

37. There is fragrance but no flowers,

Burns but not jealous.

Answer – Incense sticks

38. Such a brave hero,

Shoot arrows by singing songs.

Answer :- Mosquito

39. Butterfly with three wings,

It used to hang in every house.

Answer:- fan

40. Standing on the river bank,

Mare Ek-Tak Nain.

until the fish is caught,

May he not get peace.

Answer :- Heron

41. Whenever someone had to write,

I become their friend.

Whenever someone bites me brother,

I become new-born.

Answer :- Pencil

42. Ichak Dana Beechak Dana,

Grain on grain.

Peacocks dance on the balcony

The boy is crazy

Answer :- Pomegranate

43. Childhood would have been green,

aging yellow

the king of all fruits, he

Really very juicy.

Answer :- Mango

44. Drinking water straight up.

Vomiting is called religion.

Answer :- River

45. A small animal,

It is said to be of less intelligence.

But would have been hardworking,

Lookalike of a horse.

Answer :- Donkey

46. ​​Egg sold in beach market,

Dozen hundred and fifty.

Bun Tandoori and Kebab,

Tasted special.

Answer :- Chicken

47. A pond full of juice,

Waving the vine lying.

Flowers blooming on the vine,

Eat the flower vine.

Answer :- lamp and wick

48. Standing on the ground I would have lived,

I give life to everyone.

I would inhale the dirty air,

Gives pure air in return.

Answer :- tree

49. I am a guest of the forest,

Everyone was surprised to see me,

high neck, long legs,

What is my name?

Answer :- Giraffe

50. Horse ride,

Take the spear heavy.

ate grass bread,

continued fighting.

Answer :- Maharana Pratap

Easy Riddles For Kids With Answers In English

51. I have a relationship with my head too,

Relationship with bed.

Carrying your burden, I

Sweet sleep

Answer:- pillow

52. Name of three letters,

Exactly the same.

River-Tal’s Aan,

There is a pride of the nation.

Answer :- Water

53. Make your bed inside the fruit

we used to sleep secretly

together in the soil we grow

Tell me what are we?

Answer :- Seed

54. Saw unique rain at night,

Bathed the whole field.

The water was completely pure.

But no one could drink.

Answer :- Dew

55. Within the fort of thirty-two bricks,

A hidden queen

Said with a smile, live the hearts,

At least I remembered my grandmother.

Answer: Tongue

56. Wooden Katholi,

Iron whisk.

Give it to two men on the forehead

Butter and curd do not come.

Answer :- Saw

59. Meet me in sleep, not when I wake up

Mix in milk, not in water

I am in grandmother, not in grandmother,

Meet me in jumping, not in running

Quickly tell my name.

Answer :- The letter ‘D’

60. The four pillars keep walking,

Python up front.

Everyone’s snake is running behind,

Still there is no fear.

Answer :- Elephant

61. If not the end, consider it an army.

If not Adi, then he has become Nani.

Sacrifice for patriotism,

His great story.

Answer: Fighter

62. Which device someone,

Don’t like it?

Answer: Conspiracy

63. Two words with the same meaning,

One language to remain one.

Answer :- Bungalow

64. Two pheasants ahead of pheasants,

Two pheasants behind pheasants.

pheasant in front pheasant behind,

Tell me how many pheasants?

Answer: three

65. Home is sixty four, we are thirty two,

Sixteen white, sixteen black.

Eight officers each,

Eight servants are with you.

in sections from black and white,

Fight a lot and give up.

Answer :- Chess pieces

66. Cut in the forest, prune in the forest,

Necklaces made in the forest,

once in the water,

Don’t see the house again.

Answer:- boat

67. If it is standing then it is standing,

If she is sitting then she is standing.

Answer :- Cow’s horn

68. The crow flying in the sky,

But where does he live?

Answer: In water

69. Two eggs in a plate,

One hot one cold.

Answer: Sun and Moon

70. is red but not apple,

He is brave but not a soldier.

Shastri is but not a pundit,

The one who tells is not a fool.

Answer :- Lal Bahadur Shastri

71. Sohan’s rank in a class,

is seventh from the top, and twenty-sixth from the bottom,

So tell how many students are there in the class?

Answer :- 32

72. One word of English,

In which there are ten letters.

Contains five recipes,

In which there are five vowels.


73. Don’t travel two yards,

Still lasts all day long.

Raswanti is delicate, too,

But lives in a cave.

Answer :- Tongue

74. The old man in the leaning room,

Where to stay

That’s where the language stopped,

The question emerges.

Answer :- Question mark (?)

75. My name of three letters,

Exactly the same.

I am the village of Subhash Chandra,

Tell me my name quickly?

Answer:- Cuttack

76. made of glass,

Beautiful attractive shiny.

Adorns on mother’s wrist,

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.

Answer :- Bangles

77. Like a bird chirping in the courtyard,

Like a flower that makes the house smell good.

Stranger while being our own.

Did you understand anything?

Answer :- Daughter

78. A bowl of lime water,

If blown through the mouth.

Which gas came out of the mouth,

By which the water becomes milky?

Answer: Carbon dioxide

79. Out of thorns, entangled in flowers.

Tell me the name then the problem will be solved.

Answer:- Butterfly

80. Feel like cotton,

Still no cotton.

full of water,

Still no cotton.

Answer:- Cloud

81. There is such a thing brother,

To be eaten without opening the mouth.

without biting and without chewing,

Had to eat and cried.

Answer :- beating

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82. Two brothers come together,

Shehnai without them.

Beat then he gives company,

Once again came color in the party.

Answer :- Tabla

83. I am a two legged horse,

I walk but little by little.

Whoever came in between me

Cut quickly, broke quickly.

Answer:- Pliers

84. Cat’s tail in hand,

Cat stay in Allahabad.

Answer:- Kite

85. What is in you is not in him,

What is in the flag is not in the stick.

Answer :- ‘J’

86. Only one leaf of thirty-two peepal trees.

Answer: Teeth and tongue

87. There are neither wings nor legs,

Still in moving water.

Brings everyone to their destination,

It is also mentioned in the story.

Answer :- Boat

88. Only two gates of a fort,

Whose soldiers are wooden.

hit the wall,

So their world is over.

Answer :- Matchbox

89. Mohan on his way to school,

Total 35 trees are counted on your right.

Returning he counted 35 trees to his left,

Can you tell how many trees he counted in all?

Answer :- Only 35 trees were counted,

because the trees that were on the right on the way to school,

He was on the left while returning.

90. What is such an object,

who are born

starts flying?

Answer: smoke

91. Short tail, long neck,

Running away doing manly work in the sand.

Answer: Camel

92. Finger in stomach,


Tell me the answer immediately.

Answer :- Ring

93. What is such a place,

where there is water,

But no space?

Answer: Tears in the eyes

94. If you cut the tail, then cut it and keep it.

Cut stomach is the best of fruits.

Cut off your head oh god

My job is to remove fatigue.

Answer :- Comfort

95. What is such an object,

Which is grinded, cut,

And distribute but don’t eat?

Answer:- cards

96. The tree is too low,

can’t climb it

He has a sword

but she can’t bite

He has a hundred noses,

but she can’t smell

he has a bat,

which cannot be played.

Answer :- Pineapple

97. A clever craftsman,

Builds houses without bricks.

white walls without windows

If you break them then they become clothes?

Answer:- silkworm

98. Her name of three letters,

It comes in handy for eating.

If the end is cut then it becomes a solution,

If cut in the middle, it becomes air.

Answer :- Pudding

99. I am a three digit number,

guess who i am

I am the noun of thugs and miscreants,

Guess who I am

Answer :- 420

100. Guess children a riddle,

White friend of black plate,

dancing around,

I would have become a cuppa of flowers.

Answer :- Bread

500+ Hard Tricky Riddles With Answers

1. be called the smallest creature,

May I be found in every house?

Sweet my dear food,

It’s my job to work hard

Answer:- Ant

2. National flag of which country

Is it the same whether it is straight or the other way around?

Answer:- National flag of Japan

looks the same when upright and upside down

3. Houses are boxes, iron feet.

Quickly tell the name of that colony.

Answer:- train

4. I am the ‘hard’ by cutting first,

I fought by cutting the middle

I am lucky by cutting the end,

Still I am lying in the stove.

Answer :- Wood

5. If the tail is cut then Siya,

If the head is cut off then friend.

If the skull is cut in the middle,

Riddle this strange.

Answer: Jackal

6. Land is on one third

water on two thirds,

green blue is my color

Tell me, Gudiya Rani.

Answer:- Earth

7. Once upon a time in the child,

I will come again in a strong form.

Will not get you in the budget,

Tell me who am I

Answer:- ‘L’ letter

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