110+ Best Short Moral Stories In English For Kids With Valuable Lessons

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Today In this post valuable and beautiful interesting 110+ Best Short Moral Stories In English For Kids With Valuable Lessons

Kids get education from all these moral stories and pave their life towards the right path. My aim is also that children can get the right moral education. In today’s 110+ Best Short Moral Stories In English For Kids With Valuable Lessons a very beautiful story based on moral knowledge has been presented for children, after reading which you have also been told about moral values.

Children love to read and listen to stories. Because they are more interested in reading stories since childhood because they know very well that through stories they get to enjoy facts like interesting information, moral education things and entertainment.

Ravi And Rocks

Moral Stories In English

RAVI and Rocky were two boys who studied in Class 5 of Little Tots School. While Ravi was sweet-natured, Rocky was naughty and badly behaved. All the students wanted to be friends with Ravi. The teachers too praised him as he was good in studies and extra-curricular activities. On the other hand, most students avoided Rocky. 

Ravi’s popularity made Rocky envious. So one day, he came up with a plan of ‘teaching Ravi a lesson’ so that no one would talk to him. Rocky knew that Ravi had been gifted an expensive bracelet on his 10th birthday by his parents. 

They had advised Ravi to wear the bracelet for grand occasions only. Rocky knew that Ravi would wear it for the Annual Day celebration in the coming week as he was getting an award. If Ravi loses his bracelet, everyone will think he’s careless, thought Rocky.

On the day of the school function, Rocky kept an eye on Ravi and waited for a chance to carry out his mischievous plan. When Ravi went to the washroom, Rocky followed him. Ravi didn’t realise he was being followed. He placed his bracelet near the wash basin before going to the washroom.

Rocky quickly picked up the bracelet, hid it in his pocket and went back to the school hall. When Ravi discovered that his bracelet was missing, he informed his parents about it. Ravi’s father was furious. “You should be more careful with your things,” he told Ravi.

Ravi’s father requested everyone in the hall to search for the bracelet. All the parents, students and teachers who had gathered for the function began looking for it. After some time, Rocky went up to Ravi’s father and gave him the bracelet, saying he had found it backstage, in the dressing room.

Ravi knew that Rocky was lying as he had not gone backstage but he didn’t say anything. Without any proof, he couldn’t accuse Rocky of theft. Ravi’s father believed Rocky’s story and thanked him in front of everyone.

Rocky was hailed as a hero and from the next day onwards, all the other students became friendly with him. Ravi was angry with Rocky for lying and confronted him. But Rocky denied everything. Ravi then tried telling his classmates about what had actually happened on the Annual Day but no one believed him.

A week later, when Rocky was walking home from school, he slipped and fell into a ditch. It was so deep that try as he might, he couldn’t climb out. He shouted for help but there was no one around. 

As time passed, Rocky started losing hope and began to cry. Just then, Ravi happened to walk by and he heard Rocky’s sobs. He followed the sounds of the sobs and realised that it was coming from the ditch. 

When he peered into the ditch, he saw to his surprise that it was Rocky.

“Hey Rocky!” shouted Ravi.Rocky looked up, and seeing Ravi, he felt very relieved. “Ravi, I fell into this ditch while walking home from school,” said Rocky. “I wasn’t looking where I was going. Please get me out of here.”

“Alright,” said Ravi. “Just give me a minute.” Ravi remembered that he had a rope in his school bag. That day, he had had Boy Scout lessons where the teacher had taught the students how to tie different types of knots. 

He opened his bag, pulled out the rope and dropped the end of it in the ditch for Rocky to hold on to. He tied the other end around the thick, sturdy trunk of a tree. He then pulled on the rope and helped Rocky climb out of the ditch.

Rocky thanked Ravi for rescuing him. Then,remembering what he had done to Ravi, he felt ashamed. He said,”You knew that I had stolen the bracelet.Yet you helped me.”

Ravi replied, “Just because you hurt me,doesn’t mean I will let you get hurt, too.”Rocky decided to make amends for what he had done. The next day, Rocky explained in front of the whole class how Ravi had saved him, and thanked him for it.

He also admitted that he had stolen Ravi’s bracelet and apologised to him. He promised never to do such a thing again.That was how Rocky and Ravi became great friends. 

-: By Abhinav Chopra, Std. 7-G

Moral Stories In English

Moral Education : – Be kind even if the other person is bitter.

Shadow Play

Moral Stories In English

THE sun was setting and a wolf left his den to hunt for prey. He was very hungry but in good spirits because he knew he would have a hearty meal. The woods were full of fat hares and plump deer. As he bounded along, the wolf saw that his shadow raced ahead of him and it was huge! Indeed, it seemed as if his shadow was a hundred times bigger than he really was.

This raised the spirits of the wolf even more. “Whoo-hoo!” he shouted in triumph. 

How big I am! Why do I have to run away from that puny lion who imagines he is king? I’ll show him who is fit to be king!” At that very moment, an immense shadow blotted the wolf and his shadow out entirely. 

The next instant, a lion struck him such a blow with his powerful paw that the wolf collapsed to the ground, the breath going out of him with a whoosh.

“Now, who do you think is fit to be king?” roared the lion. “You, Your Majesty, always you,” whimpered the wolf weakly.

– An Aesop’s fable retold

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