Top 51+ Beautiful Moral Stories In English For Kids With Pictures

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A moral story is a type of story that is written or told with the intention of teaching a lesson or conveying a moral message. These stories are usually short and simple and often feature characters who face a dilemma or a problem that they need to solve. Through their actions and decisions, these characters demonstrate important values and virtues, such as honesty, courage, kindness, and perseverance.

The purpose of a moral story is to help the reader or listener understand and internalize these values and virtues, and to encourage them to apply them to their own lives. Moral stories can be found in various forms, such as fables, folktales, parables, and anecdotes. They are commonly used in educational settings, as well as in literature, art, and popular culture.


The Stork and Crab

Moral Stories In English

once upon a time, there lived an old stork near a fish pond. He was too old and weak to hunt for food any longer so he came up with an idea to arrange his means He decided to near the pond with teary eyes and look sad Suddenly, a crab saw the sad stork and came up to talk to him hey stork why do you look so sad.

oh, crab I am afraid that this pond is going to dry up soon and I won’t have any food left hence I am planning to fly away and find another pond for myself.

oh no, that’s terrible you must save the animals in the pond as well when you leave of course.

I will take some fish in my beak and fly them to another pond. thank you stork, you are a true friend to all of us goodbye, my friend I will come back soon and let you know if I found another pond.

Goodbye, the stork flew away and returned several days later with a fish in his beak. the stork played very well at keeping up with the act.

Hey stork, how did it go? Did you find another pond? yes, I did crab.

look, I found some delicious food there is a lot of food for the other animals too. but there is a problem really. what is it? the other pond is a little far away and it is going to take me a few trips to take all of you there Oh, it’s fine. if you save the inhabitants of this pond from dying very well then I will carry you all one by one every day.

that’s great news, stork we knew we could count on you. thank you so much. The clever stork had found a way to arrange his food and so one by one, every day he carried several fish in his beak to a nearby land and feasted on them.

finally, the day had come for the stork to carry the crab and as they flew towards the new pond the crab looked down and saw nothing but dry land with a lot of fish bones he knew right away that the stork was very clever and greedy.

he had tricked the inhabitants of the pond and feasted on them. stork, why are there fish bones down there? Oh, those are just some fish that I dropped on the way do not worry about it really?

you are nothing but a greedy stork! we trusted you and look what you have done to all of us. the furious crab snapped his claws and grabbed the stork’s throat. the stork screamed with pain. crab, what are you doing? Let me go!

I trusted you, stork but you were just using us to satisfy your greed. the greedy stork fell to the ground and the crab immediately crawled back to the pond and informed the other inhabitants about the clever stork. From that day on they never let the stork to even come near the pond.

The moral of this story is that too much greed is bad for you and will only cause you harm.

Don’t be afraid of obstacles fight

Moral Stories In English

A farmer used to do farming in the field. In the middle of that field, a part of the stone was protruding above the ground, due to which he had fallen many times after stumbling.

Once the farmer’s plow broke after hitting a stone. The farmer got angry and said that he will take this rock out of the ground and throw it outside the field.

He called four-five people from the village. Everyone together started hitting the stone with the shovel. The whole stone came out of the ground. They were surprised, it turned out to be a small stone. The farmer was also surprised that for years what he thought was a huge rock was actually just a small stone. He felt sorry for himself that if he had tried to remove it earlier, he would not have had to suffer so much.

Moral Education:- Like this farmer in our life, we too sometimes consider the small obstacles in life as very big, and instead of dealing with them, we keep on suffering. It is necessary that we fight those troubles without losing time. Do not shy away from facing difficulties. Facing trouble boosts morale and gives strength to fight the troubles that come in life. Don’t be afraid of troubles, fight them. Great men said that fighting with difficulties gives experience. Life shines.


Moral Stories In English

Once upon a time, there lived a sculptor in a village. He used to make such idols, seeing which everyone used to get the illusion that the idols were alive. That sculptor was very proud of his art.

There came a time in the journey of life when he felt that he was about to die. He got into trouble.

He made a plan to confuse the Yamdoots. He made ten idols exactly like himself and he went and sat among those idols. When Yamdoot came to pick him up, he was stunned to see 11 identical figures. They were not able to identify who was the real man among those idols.

Suddenly a Yamdoot got the idea to test the biggest evil of human nature, the ego. He looked at the idols and said, “How beautiful the idols are as if the artist had breathed life into them, but there is a flaw in the idols. The sculptor seems to have completely forgotten to correct that error.”

Hearing this, the sculptor’s ego awoke. He said, “What mistake?” Yamdoot quickly caught hold of him and laughingly said, “You just made this mistake in your ego, idols don’t speak.”

Moral Education:- Ego has always given trouble and sorrow to man.

the king and his test

Moral Stories In English

There was a very wise king. He had a huge empire. The subjects were happy in every way in his kingdom. The king was looking for his successor. That king had three sons. But the king did not want to repeat the old tradition and only the eldest son should be placed on the throne. Rather, he wanted to hand over power to the most intelligent and capable son. So the king decided to test all three for a successor.

One day the king sent all three sons in different directions. He gave each son a gold coin and asked them to buy something that would fill the old palace.

The first son thought that the father had become stubborn. How can this palace be filled with anything with this little money? So he went to a bar, got drunk, and spent all the money.

The king’s second son thought even further. He came to the conclusion that the cheapest thing in the city is garbage. So he filled the palace with garbage.

The third son meditated for two days on how the palace could be filled with just one coin. He really wanted to do something that would fulfill his father’s hope. He bought candles and incense sticks and then filled the whole palace with light and fragrance. Pleased with the wisdom of this third son, the king made him his successor.

Moral Education:- Anything can be achieved with intelligence.

Successful Life

Moral Stories In English

The son asked the father – Father, what is this “successful life”? The father took the son to fly a kite. The son was carefully watching the father fly the kite. After some time the son said – Papa, because of this thread, the kite is not able to go higher, should we break it, it will go higher.

Father broke the thread. The kite went a little higher due to the wind and then came down after waving and fell at a faraway unknown place. Then the father explained the way of life to the son. Son, at the height we are in life, we often feel that there are some things that we are tied to. They are stopping us from going higher, such as home family, discipline, parent-teachers, etc. And we want to be free from them.

In fact, these are the threads that keep us at that height. Without these threads, we will go up once, but later we will have the same fate as the kite without thread. Therefore, if you want to remain on the heights in life, never break the relationship with these threads. The height obtained from the successful balance of thread and the kite-like connection is called “successful life”.

Monk and Parrot

Moral Stories In English

In a monk’s ashram, a disciple brought a parrot from somewhere and kept it in a cage. The monk told the disciple several times not to imprison this bird just like that. Dependency is the biggest curse of the world. But the disciple imprisoned him in the cage for disobeying the monk.

The sage thought that why shouldn’t the parrot be taught the lesson of being independent? He got the cage brought to his hut and started teaching the parrot regularly. “Leave the cage, fly away”.

In a few days, the parrot got the sentence memorized very well. One day while cleaning, the cage got opened by mistake. When the monk came to the cottage, he saw that the parrot had come out and was moving around very comfortably. Along with saying in a loud voice – “Leave the cage, fly away”.

Seeing the monk coming, he again went inside the cage and started repeating his lesson very loudly. The monk was surprised to see this and also felt sad. They kept thinking, it only remembered the word. If it had even known its meaning, it would have become free from this cage.

Perfect Man and Mouse

Moral Stories In English

A perfect man was taking a bath in the river. A mouse came floating in the water. They took him out and brought him to the cottage. That’s when she started growing up. The mouse kept watching the deeds of the perfect man. He also had a desire to get some boon.

One day after getting an opportunity she said – Now I have grown up. Get me married to someone big. The saint showed him the sun peeping through the window and said – ‘Get it done.’

The mouse said – This is a ball of fire. I want cold nature.

The saint talked about the cloud. It is cooler and bigger than the Sun. When he comes, he hides the sun in the zenith. Chuhiya did not like this proposal either. She wanted a bigger groom than this.

The saint described the wind as greater than the cloud. The one who takes him away in a jiffy. Told a bigger mountain than this, which stops the wind and stands up. When the mouse refused both of these, the perfect man said with full enthusiasm – The mouse is bigger than the mountain. He is capable of hollowing out the roots of mountains by making holes.

The mouse agreed. The saint got married by calling a fat mouse. Then the perfect man thought in his mind, people think and search for happiness according to their level and attitude.

Hawk and Bird

Moral Stories In English

It occurred a long time ago. All the birds used to live in harmony with each other in the Champakavan forest. At that time, big birds used to behave friendly with small birds. An eagle used to live in that Champakvan forest. One day he was flying early in the morning. At the same time, he saw a red-colored object moving on a tree. The eagle got scared seeing him.

The eagle had never seen such a colorful object before in its lifetime. Somehow he mustered up the courage and went near her. There was no movement in him when he went near him. After that, the eagle’s courage increased further. Then he went ahead and touched the tied rope with his claws, then he did not feel any kind of movement. The eagle heaved a sigh of relief.

The falcon picked up that colored object by pressing it in its beak and went towards its nest. As he flew towards his nest, he saw a bird on the tree in front of him.

The bird looked at the eagle and said, ‘ Hello eagle brother, where are you roaming with the balloon this morning?

The falcon said – Balloon? What is this balloon?

The bird laughed and said you really do not know the balloon. The eagle shook his head and said, no, I don’t know. The bird said what is this in your beak? asks pointing to the red-colored object.

The falcon laughed out loud and said ‘ho ho ho’, I don’t know what is this. I found it hanging on a tree. I thought it was some strange animal, but seeing no movement in it, happily picked it up and took it with me.

After listening to the falcon, the bird laughed and said that it is not a strange animal but it is a “balloon”. It is filled with air. It is made to dance in the air by tying a thread on its head. And it’s also a lot of fun to play with.

The eagle hastily said, “How?

The bird immediately flies into the air holding the rope tied to the head of the balloon. The balloon starts dancing in the air. Seeing this, the falcon becomes overjoyed.

The falcon saw a shining flesh bone at some distance. He forgets the red balloon and goes to the meat bone. She tells the bird, “Chidiya Rani”, to pay attention to this balloon of mine. I’ll play with it later. Having said this, the falcon flies away from there.

‘All right, brother falcon,’ said the bird. The bird kept playing with the balloon for a long time. She was also tired of playing with balloons. Later she also went to her nest. Still did not stop. The birds get upset seeing this. He remembered that he didn’t even eat food because of the balloon. Due to hunger and thirst, he angrily hit the balloon with his beak. Due to this the balloon bursts.

‘What will happen next?’ The birds get scared thinking about this. She leaves the deflated balloon and goes in search of food.

After some time, after sucking the bone of the falcon meat, he remembers his balloon. He immediately flew to the place of the balloonist. Not finding the bird at that place and seeing the burst balloon, the falcon gets furious.

The falcon immediately reached the bird’s nest. He starts calling the birds loudly. Why did you burst my balloon? The bird was sitting snuggled up in its nesting shell in the tree. She was scared hearing all these things lest the falcon might kill her in anger. Tired of calling him a hawk, he leaves from there. And after this incident, the birds start getting scared of the falcon. Now even the falcon starts trying to catch the bird. Since then enmity starts between these two.

Moral Education:- The work done in anger always has to face new trouble and crisis.

Hunter and Hawk

Moral Stories In English

Once a hunter went to the forest to hunt. After a lot of effort, he caught an eagle in the net. When the hunter started taking the eagle, then on the way the eagle said to the hunter, “Why are you taking me?”

The hunter said, “I am going to kill you and take you to eat.”

The eagle thought that now my death is certain. He remained silent for some time and then thought something and said, “Look, I have lived as much life as I wanted to live and now I am sure to die, but before I die I have one last wish.”

“Tell me your wish?” asked the hunter curiously.

The eagle started telling- Before dying, I want to teach you two lessons, listen to it carefully and remember it forever.

The first lesson is that do not believe anyone’s words without proof, without thinking.

And the second is that if something bad happens to you or something is left out of your hands, never feel sad about it. The hunter listened to the eagle and started moving on his way.

After some time the eagle said to the hunter – ” Hunter, tell me one thing. Will you set me free if I give you something that will make you rich overnight?”

The hunter immediately stopped and said, “What is that thing, tell me quickly?”

The eagle said, “Actually, long ago I found a diamond near the palace, which I picked up and kept in a secret place. If I die today, that diamond will go to waste, so I thought that if you leave me instead, my life will also be saved and your poverty will also disappear forever.

On hearing this, the hunter freed the eagle without thinking anything and asked him to bring the diamond.

The eagle immediately flew up and sat on a high branch of the tree and said, “Some time ago I had taught you a lesson that do not believe anyone’s words immediately but you did not follow that lesson.” Actually, I don’t have any diamonds and now I am free.

On hearing this, the hunter got upset and started repenting. That’s why the eagle said again, you forgot my second lesson that if something bad happens to you, you should never regret it.

Moral Education:- We learn from this story that we should not trust an unknown person easily and should not be sad after any kind of loss or failure, but should learn from that and be alert in the future.

Bird and Rabbit 

Moral Stories In English

A bird lived peacefully in his nest. One day, while searching for food he reached a farm where there was plenty of grain and water. He was very happy there. He enjoyed the food happily over there for a few days. He did not visit the nest during these days.

One day a rabbit visited the tree where the nest was built. He reached the nest very easily because the tree was not very tall.

The nest was empty and big enough even to accommodate the rabbit.

After a few days, the bird became fat. He had been eating really well in the farm. He saw the rabbit sitting in the nest. He became angry and said, ” You wicked rabbit! You occupied my nest in my absence. This is my house. Just vacate it.

The rabbit said, “This is my house now. If you leave a well, pond, or tree, you lose your right over that.

When the bird heard this he said, “There is no point arguing. Let’s go to a wise and learned person. In whose soever favor the decision is made shall own the house.”

They saw a fat cat reading a book at a distance. The bird and rabbit felt he was wise and learned.

The bird and rabbit went to the cat and apprised him of their problem. They said, “Who so ever is right should get the house and the other one will have to leave.”

The cat’s mouth watered at the site of the rabbit and bird. They were both fat. He thought, “I shall not have to look for food for many days.”

The cat said, “I am ready to be the judge. But I want both of you to come very close to me. I need to whisper the decision in your ears.” When they came close to the cat he held the rabbit in his paws and the bird in his mouth.

The cat ate away both of them. They both lost their lives because of their foolishness. They had not even dreamed that trusting an enemy easily could cost them their lives.

Moral Education:- a third person can take advantage of a duel between two. Be careful and stay away from a mighty and deceitful enemy.

Ant and a Grasshopper

Moral Stories In English

Once upon a time, there was an ant and a grasshopper who were friends. The ant was a hard worker and spent all summer gathering food for the winter. Meanwhile, the grasshopper spent his days playing and singing, never bothering to plan for the future.

As the summer turned into fall, the ant continued to work hard, storing up food for the winter. The grasshopper, on the other hand, continued to play and sing, not realizing that winter was just around the corner.

When winter arrived, the ant had plenty of food stored up and was warm and well-fed. The grasshopper, however, had nothing to eat and was cold and hungry. He went to the ant’s house and begged for food, but the ant refused, telling the grasshopper that he should have worked harder and planned better for the future.

The grasshopper realized his mistake and promised to work hard and plan ahead from then on. The ant, seeing that the grasshopper had learned his lesson, shared his food with him and they both survived the winter.

The moral of the story is that hard work and planning for the future are important, and that laziness and procrastination can have serious consequences. This story teaches us to be diligent and responsible in our lives and to think ahead to avoid potential problems.

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